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This is the fifth in an ongoing series of blogs exploring the meaning, implementation, function and future of CSR.

Written by Pierson Kubel

In late 2011, the Harvard Business Review published an article by Darrell K. Rigby entitled “The Future of Shopping” which speculated on the growth of the then novel internet retail space. As Rigby notes, “Every 50 years or so, retailing undergoes [a massive] kind of disruption;” first with industrialized cities and the railroad, then with the one-stop shopping of malls, and finally the rise of the discount and big-box store. …

Since she was a small child, Jodie Sweetin has been in the spotlight. Cast as Stephanie Tanner on ABC’s Full House at the age of 5, Jodie Sweetin quickly became a household name, growing up in front of millions during Full House’s 8 season run. After graduating college, Jodie reentered the world of television, most recently rejoining her Full House castmates in Netflix’s Fuller House, winner of the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Premium Comedy Series among others.

Outside of the world of television and film, Jodie has found great success in other mediums of entertainment. In 2009, she published…

Written by Pierson Kubel

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The History of Earth Day

Over Thanksgiving weekend 1966, a thick layer of smog composed predominantly of sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide blanketed New York City. Mostly caused by coal power plants and thousands of pounds of incinerated garbage, the smog event caused numerous adverse health effects — burning eyes, coughing, respiratory distress — and potentially caused over 160 deaths. The cover of The New York Times for November 25th, a photograph captured by Neil Boenzi, showed the magnitude of the pollution, with New York City covered with a surrealist layer of white smoke, completely obfuscating the street level.

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Written by Pierson Kubel

April 11th was National Pet Day, a celebration of our furry, scaly and feathered friends and all the joy they bring to our lives. 67% of American households have at least one pet, with dogs, cats and fish comprising the top three.

It is quite apparent that a majority of Americans care about animals, with 95% of animal owners identifying their pet as part of their family. However, this passion must be turned into action, for millions of animals — domesticated and wild — find themselves in life threatening situations.

From puppy and kitten mills, to…

Many may be asking: what really is HR1? The answer — like everything in politics — is not so black and white.

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Written by Pierson Kubel

The For The People Act (commonly referred to as H.R. 1) was first introduced to the House of Representatives in January 2019. Two months later, the bill passed the House, yet was blocked from receiving a vote on the Senate floor. At the time, many questioned the need of reforming the voting/registration system, arguing overhauling it would be costly and largely unnecessary. However, this context quickly changed as the calendar flipped over to 2020.

Discover these companies devoted to addressing climate change, using the power of business for good.

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Written by Pierson Kubel

Most Americans care about reducing the effects of climate change, however this has not always been reflected in government and industry. Yet with President Biden placing extra emphasis on renewable energy and green technology, there’s a better chance than ever that the market will begin to reward green companies developing new technology and committing to sustainability. As investment publication Kiplinger states it, “Expect more public spending on green initiatives amid Biden’s push to make the U.S. a 100% clean-energy economy by…

Bring impact to your employee engagement

Three out of four employees rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important,” transcending generational, economic and social divides. Simultaneously, a growing majority of employees are looking for their employers to be socially conscious. If both collaboration and social responsibility are crucial to a healthy, happy workplace; why not do both at once with an Action Party?

Our platform is built to give companies a powerful and turn key solution which empowers employees to take action on the social, economic and environmental issues they each care about most. …

This is the fourth in an ongoing series of blogs exploring the meaning, implementation, function and future of CSR.

In CSR implementation, authenticity is king. According to researchers Daina Mazutis and Natalie Slawinski, “through CSR Authenticity, consumer mistrust is reduced. It encompasses the development of concepts capable of explaining the characteristics of Corporate Social Responsibilities, thereby, leading to stakeholders’ genuine perceptions.” For many modern consumers to purchase from a brand, they must trust the brand’s commitment to the causes they publicly support.

This is especially true of companies vowing to be environmentally conscious, with 81% of consumers “strongly feel[ing] that…

Written by Pierson Kubel

In 2019, the top 5% earned over 20% of income in the United States, with their average household income resting above $400,000. In total, 80% of the population earns less than half of the country’s income, with the bottom 20% of the population earning only 3.1%. This disparity of earning is income inequality, and the difference between the top percentiles of annual income and the rest of the population continues to widen every year.

The difference between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the country is not just about how much money one makes. It…

A list of 6 innovative businesses founded by women that are actively making the world a more diverse, sustainable and better place.

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Written by Pierson Kubel

Women’s History Month is a great time to remember all the influential and innovative women throughout history. One group who are often overlooked is women who have founded businesses of their own. For many years, it was difficult for women to attain positions of power in a company, let alone create businesses of their own. …


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